CHOP Capital Hill Organized Protest

CHOP, the Capital Hill Organized Protest, began as CHAZ (Capital Hill Autonomous Zone), an outgrowth of Seattle’ Black Lives Matter protest. CHOP is what I call “Liberated Territory”, land control by the people.

Why did Seattle spawn CHOP? We’re a politcally progressive community. Our recent political history includes the WTO protests a.k.a. The Battle in Seattle (#N30) and a very strong #OccupySeattle movement. Local support for the BLM movement is strong.

When I toured the Capital Hill Autonomous Zone on June 13th it struck me that it bears a very strong resemblence to Seattle Hempfest. The 3rd weekend in August Hempfest takes place in a city park with permits. In its 29th year, Hempfest is described a the world’s largst protetival. Self contained and self governed. And might I add it’s quasi-illegal given the status of cannabis and hemp.



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