If you grew up in Cleveland during the 60's there’s a good chance you watched Ghoulardi on TV. I know I did!

Ghoulardi hosted movies, cheap b&w horror flicks complete with gags, costumes and general madness on Shock Theater on WEWS. Our weeks revolved around watching Ghoulardi.

You may recognize the name Ghoulardi from the credits of a Drew Carey show after his death, Season 2, Episode 17. More of you will recognize his voice. After leaving Cleveland he moved to L.A. and became an on-air announcer for ABC in the mid-1970s. He was known for the way he phrased The Love Boat (1977) as "The Looovvveee Boat".

This aging Baby Boomer from Cleveland owns an original Ghoulardi mug. Manners Restaurants, home of The Big Boy, served blue milkshake in said cups. I found mine on eBay.

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