the seasonal regional cookie

Mallomars Cookies 044000006747Mallomars are wonderful, delicious, almost too good to be true cookies that I can’t buy in Seattle. On top of that, Mallomars aren’t sold year round. They’s only available in the cooler months. What’s a guy to do?

When I visit my Mom in OH I know where to buy Mallomars near her house. And I do. On one trip when I purchased 4 boxes, and nothing else, the cashier looked up at me and asked “These a gift for someone?” Yep, Christmas presents for my 3 sons and a box for me. (They were a huge hit!)

The truly motivated DIYer can make counterfeit homemade Mallomars. Still not convinced these are a cult fave? Read the New York Times piece about mallomars.

Mallomar trivia: first made in 1913, the same year as the Moon Pie, in New Jersey. Available Oct-Apr an amazing 70% are sold in metropolitan New York. Which kinda sucks for me here in Seattle. Mallomars even have their own Facebook page. Sheesh...

Update: Good news, Mallomars have been sited here in Seattle at Metropolitan Market and/or Thriftway both in West Seattle. Meanwhile they’re sold as Dream Puffs in Canada though I’ve never seen them when I’m in Vancouver.

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