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The Tor network is a series of relays that allows users to surf anonymously online. People use Tor (The Onion Router) to avoid government censorship. Journalists, human rights activists, whistle blowers, and others to work without detection. Download the Tor Browser and begin surfing online anonymously. After you install Tor, use this website to check if your connection really is going through the Tor network.

Snowflake Browser ExtensionYou can support the Tor network by installing the Snowflake browser extension for Chrome or Firefox. Snowflake turns your browser into a proxy so people use the Tor network without you running a Tor server yourself. It’s legal, safe, and you□re helping others surf freely. Leave your computer on as much as possible. Tell your family and friends, spread the word far & wide.

Tor works by bouncing web traffic between anonymizing servers run by volunteers around the world. Bridges are unlisted Tor relays that can be used to avoid monitoring and censorship.

Orbot is a free Android proxy app that uses Tor to encrypt your Internet traffic. Tails is Tor on a USB drive or CD that leaves no trace on the computer you use (ideal for those on the go).

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