Scheduling Zoom Meetings the Right Way

How to Schedule a Zoom Meeting the Right Way (PDF)

No one can join a Zoom they don’t know about in advance or don’t have in their calendar. The key is to schedule your Zoom in advance and then invite those you wish to attend. Zoom makes this easy.

Schedule your Zoom including the date and time. It handles the time zone for you.

Do you want people’s video and/or audio on? Do you want it added to their personal calendar? Don’t forget the advanced options

Send participants an email to invite them to your Zoom.

Want to invite others to your Zoom? Copy the invitation and send it via email or text.

Here’s what the Zoom invite looks like:

This Zoom session is scheduled for Pam & I and it’s in both of our calendars too. I can invite others to our Zoom by emailing them an invitation. Merely telling someone there’s a Zoom doesn’t mean they’ll remember it days or weeks later when the time comes.