Binaural Beats & Sensory Motor Rhythm

Binaural beats occur when we hear two different frequencies, one in our left ear and another in our left. The binaural beat is the difference between the frequencies. Binaural beats in the same frequency as brainwaves encourage those brainwaves.

Each of these free binaural beat MP3 files can be downloaded and saved to your computer by right-clicking on the file name or you can listen to them here. You must use headphones not speakers when listening to binaural beats so that you hear different frequencies one in each ear.

As opposed to the simple, single frequency binaural beats, these are sliding scales that span a range of frequencies and evoke a corresponding range of brainwaves. I’ve done my best to describe how they were built. Some are older and all I have are scribbled notes to go on.

Total Sweep

A 25Hz to 4Hz sweep mapping to the frequencies of mid-alpha to delta brainwaves (25Hz -> 4Hz). Beta waves are associated with active thinking, active concentration, arousal, and cognition. Delta waves are associated with deep, dreamless sleep. Slide from one to another.
    10 minute Total Sweep  
    15 minute Total Sweep  
    20 minute Total Sweep  

Nada Brahma Schumann Resonance

I created this a long time ago and I pulled ite out of the archive. All I can do is share the notes I made at the time:

10 minutes based on Nada Brahma (Sadja)
136.1 Hz C#
left: 136.1 -> 132.19 Hz
right: 136.1 -> 140.02 Hz
1 minute fade in, 1 minute fade out

Nada Brahma Schumann Resonance     20:15 minute binaural beat

Sensory Motor Rhythm

This binaural beat is a fixed pitch set at the Sensory Motor Rhythm (SMR), 10Hz. Neurofeedback focusing on the SMR has been used to treat learning difficulties, ADHD, epilepsy, and autism.

Sensory Motor Rhythm     10 minute binaural beat

Listen to these free binaural beat MP3 files online or download & save them to your computer, tablet or phone. Select the binaural beat based on the brainwave pattern you’d like to enhance. Headphones are a must.

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