Top 10 Signs You’re a Baby Boomer

If you were born between 1946 and 1964 then you too are a Baby Boomer. Don’t worry, you have lots of company. There are tons of us. But by now, some of us Baby Boomers aren’t exactly babies any more. Heck, a lot of us are grandparents. (The generic "us", not me personally.) There are 76 million American Baby Boomers, which adds up to almost 28% of the adult population. Quite the crowd, we are.

So, how do you know if you are an aging Baby Boomer? Run down this list and see how many things ring true for you. Be honest now.

10. You vote to the right of your parents. And think nothing of it. (They wouldn’t be happy if they knew you were a *#~$! Republican.)

9. The things they check for during your annual physical are different. In fact, you actually get physicals on a regular basis. Because you need to. BTW, the contents of your medicine chest have changed too.

8. You haven’t been carded since Carter was president. You voted against Reagan. You still hate Nixon. Ford is the bozo we’d all like to forget.

7. You’re more likely to drive a minivan that a minibus. Truth be told, it’s not your first minivan.

6. You’re taking care of your parents. And your children. No one’s taking care of you. For some boomers, their parents and their kids are both in diapers.

5. You’re paying into Social Security. You’re planning for your retirement as if social security won’t be there. Oh, they just decreased your pension payout at work. Guess you won’t be retiring as soom as you thought there bub.

4. The police call you "sir" and "ma’m". Some of them look like they may actually mean it. The rest are young enough to be your kid. You still get a ticket.

3. You grew up listening to AM radio. You remember the advent of FM. You recognize fewer and fewer faces on MTV. Kids listen to stuff you don’t get. You look at fads’n’fashions with detached bemusement. You get the sneaking feeling that Rolling Stone and MTV haven’t been targetting you for some time now.

2. You catch yourself saying the exact same things to your children that your parents said to you. You can’t stop yourself. And the funny thing is, you believe what you’re saying. Your kids, like you, don’t listen.

1. You remember when long hair and earrings on men were something more than just fashion statements. Back when tattoos were scary. And Harleys weren’t for rich suburban *ssholes.

Bonus: Viet Nam on the evening news, not in history books. Men: your lottery number and/or draft card.

My score? 8 plus the bonus. (10 & 7) Don’t believe me? Read this article about what kids don’t know.

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