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Where do I begin?4 generations of Whiting men

I’m a Cleveland born Baby Boomer (Ghoulardi). Seattle by way of Ann Arbor (The Hash Bash) and then Boston (New England School of Acupuncture). Cascadia is my home now with no regrets, where snow is an hour away not to mention optional. I do miss fireflies and lightning storms truth be told. For 30+ years I’ve lived on the Left Coast where cannabis is legal.

Father of three wonderful sons. Vegetarian (no mammels), dharma bum (Vajrayana, Geluk) & lifelong Deadhead. Nerd (bits not wires). Beer (IPA) over wine (Bordeaux if you insist), pie (fruit) before cake (German Chocolate). I have a soft spot for vintage black & white photography and the NMAAHC. All power to the people!

Co-founder and president of LeBlanc CNE, cannabis & hemp genetics, product development, research and education. I write a monthly hemp column for Northwest Leaf. Landraces rule. Outdoor beats indoor. Terpenes as well as cannabinoids. And let’s not forget CBD (not that there’s anything wrong with THC).

Over time I hope to add to this website. Lots of stuff; it’ll just take a little time. Well worth the wait IMHO.


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