Beer Nerds Unite!

I love beer, especially appropriately hopped Pacific Northwest IPA’s. I love me some IBU’s. Schooner Exact and Fremont Brewing come to mind but honestly there are too many breweries both large and small in Seattle to keep up with them all let alone play favorites.

I remember a doctor telling me drinking less beer would help with my blood pressure. Yeah right. That ain’t gonna happen. I consider beer to be liquid bread. The funny thing is I really don’t like getting drunk. Two pints is my limit but given my druthers I’d rather have a pint and a schooner.

Travelling with bottles of beer in your checked luggage? While this video talks about wine I hear beer. I save the plastic bags the New York Times comes in and put beer bottles in a bag so if it does break there’s a hope of a chance of a prayer my luggage won’t get soaked. Again.

It all starts with pouring the beer correctly to begin with. And no, don’t put the damn glass in the freezer. Ever. I had a pal, Matt, who served in Nam. Matt told tales of using a CO2 fire extinguisher to cool beer in the jungle. (Pray to God you don’t get drunk and start a fire, ehhh?)

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Hop Hash Caldera   AleSmith Horny Devil   urinal made out of beer keg   Green Flash Le Freak   Eviltwin Modern Retro beer   Plumber's Crack beer  

When in Seattle, drink something, anything, from Fremont Brewing. Better yet, head to Beveridge Place Pub and puruse the blackboard. The best alehouse in town hands down. Now who’s thirsty?

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